I am so very blessed to have friends and family who support me on a monthly basis both financially and prayerfully. If you would like to contact me to join in with either of these support means, you can do so by the following ways:


Skype: annaesmith

The thing that I love about missions, is that it is both in the sending and in the going. I consider all of my supporters, partners with me in what God has called me to do. Without the prayer and financial support of friends, family members, my church and even strangers, I otherwise would not be able to do this.

Below are a few ways that you can partner with me in this journey. I would love for you to join my support team!

Prayerfully: I would love and covet your prayers! Prayer is the driving force behind me in this journey and I do not take lightly, the hearts that are committed to praying for me.

Financially: In making the decision to transition from Taiwan to Jacksonville Florida, I knew that it would greatly increase my monthly support needs. (As it is more expensive to live in America than Taiwan) I am looking for people who would like to support me monthly or one time. If you are interested in joining in this avenue of my support team, here are a few specific needs.

Specific Needs financially:

Monthly: Currently, I am in need of an additional $300-$500 per month. If you are interested in joining my monthly support team, please let me know and I would love to chat more with you about what this could look like.

One Time:  I am also looking for one-time donations to continue my support raising for teaching trips that will require me to travel overseas throughout the year.

How to Contribute

By Mail: You can send a check made payable to YWAM Montana with a separate note indicating that the check is for Anna Smith. (YWAM Montana will be processing all of my support finances. Please note all donations are tax-deductible)

Checks can be sent to:

YWAM Montana Accounting

501 Blacktail rd.

Lakeside, MT, 59922

**Remember to attach a note with my name to the check. For tax purposes, My Name CANNOT appear anywhere on the check

By Automatic Payment: I can email you a document to fill out, which will automatically withdrawal donations however often you would like.

Online: You can now give support online through PayPal. Check it out by clicking the link below!

Give via PayPal


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