Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart

but the very next day, you gave it away…

Okay, this song is like the Groundhog Day of “Christmas Songs”. Every Christmas is last Christmas. To break it down for us, this song was released by a British Pop duo called WHAM! George Michael anyone? It was released in 1984. So technically, “Last Christmas” was 1983. 1983 was about 31 years ago. So for the past 31 years, one person in the world (probably George Michael) keeps remembering Christmas in1983, while the rest of us perpetually remember the literal last year’s Christmas… over and over and over again.

Additionally, this song has nothing to do with Christmas. I mean, other than saying the word Christmas and alluding to wrapping up a heart (as though it were a present…which if taken literally, is literally morbid and if taken figuratively…well, I just…can’t even), I find no Decking of the Halls in this song. The words “fire” and “burn” are in the song which could very loosely be representative of a fireplace…but still…loosely representative. (In all of this, I will say…this song is SO catchy!)

Not a Christmas song. 
Rant Over…

Anyway, I was accidentally listening to this song the other day and as much as I dislike the song, I felt the Lord speak something so gentle and yet so simple to my heart. Isn’t that totally weird and yet kind of amazing when God does that thing that He sometimes does, and speaks purpose into an accidental moment. In this case, it’s doubly amazing because my irritation for this song is so far beyond me actually being able to hear anything but the voice in my head that says “Make it stop!”

He speaks purpose into an accidental moment…

“Anna, what are you giving your heart to?”

This is what I felt like the Lord was asking me…to which I kind of just sat there and began reflecting on life this time last year…on life “Last Christmas” (ironically enough). I thought about my relationship with the Lord and processed through this past year, and began dreaming and hoping for the future. What do I want to give my heart to….what is worth giving my heart to?
If you receive my newsletter, you know that a huge transition is coming my way. (If you do not receive my newsletter and would like to, I would love to email it to you so please let me know…also you can read more about it in the “About Me” tab

The transition that is coming my way, (that at times feels less like a warm fluffy blanket and more like a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant ::: Insert Christmas Vacation props) is incredibly exciting and yet one that will require some huge steps of faith. I only have about one month left in this beautiful nation of Taiwan before I move back to America. I want to spend this month cherishing every moment with the people around me, and reflecting with the Lord on my season here. I am so blessed to spend Christmas here. So blessed.

THIS Christmas (see what I did there?) I want to reflect even more on this question that I felt the Lord asking me, and then hopefully turn it into a “New Years Resolution” of sorts…
What are you giving your heart to?
Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 1.53.59 AM
More blogs to come this month so check back in a couple weeks or so!

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