I’ll be Home for Christmas!

Typical. I try to update my blog right before I head to America on a 6 week furlough. I’m afraid that if I write too much right now, then I will just ramble on about nothing, or talk too much about what I need to do before I leave etc etc. (see, I’m already doing it…)

So, I’ll just keep it short and sweet. In less than 48 hours, I will be on a huge plane, crossing a huge ocean and my excitement is…well, huge! Last year when I went home for Christmas, I promised all kinds of cool blogs and that didn’t happen. So, while I don’t promise tons of cool blogs this time, I do promise at least one picture…how’s that? I think that’s pretty doable. I’ll make it a really good one too:) So, until next time (which may or may not be 6 weeks)…. this blogger is out:)

Merry Christmas to all!




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