Maybe I’m a cat lady.


this post is not meant to bring offense to those who like cats…or love them and have 5…seriously
The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and without even thinking, I said to her “I feel like a cat lady but without the cats” Now, if that isn’t a stereotype then I don’t know what is. However, my point in that very emotional moment was simply this: Everyday I do the same thing, and at the end of the night it’s just me. Not even a cat. I then proceeded to elaborate on what I was feeling at that particular moment and after I hashed it out for a while, I was left with nothing that actually seemed to be…something.
Which led me to write this blog.
I always seem to either write about studying language or about how I always write about studying language. I guess it’s because sometimes I just feel kinda lame trying to materialize some sort of exciting story. Because sometimes, life it just life…ya know?
So what do people write about when life is just not THAT exciting?  I’ve been reading other people’s blogs and it seems that everyone else has stuff to say because stuff is happening. Too bad I don’t feel good about lying, because I’m pretty sure I could make up some pretty exciting stories.
Incidentally, a lot of my friends have been asking me how I am doing (as good friends always do) and to their question, comes my borderline robotic reply: “I’m good, nothing totally exciting happening, it’s just…life, ya know?” 
I’ve been really challenged lately in my response to a seemingly “mundane” season of life. I’ve been asking God about what exactly happens when it seems like nothing is happening. Do you ever wonder about that? I’m more so talking about my personal life. (I’m not talking about ministry…because a lot of really awesome things are happening in Taiwan and it is INCREDIBLE to be able to be a part of what God is doing in this nation. If you want to hear more about it, please shoot me an email and I would love to send you my latest newsletter/update!) 
I feel like the answer to the question of “What exactly happens when it seems like nothing is happening?” is pretty simple actually. Yet, in the simplicity of the answer I do what most humans do best, and that is: over complicate things, lose focus, begin to think maybe there’s a trick somewhere in there, or just get lame and try to do a bunch of meaningless stuff to feel better about myself…but in the stillness and sometimes nothingness of just waiting and trying to be faithful to each and everyday, it came to me…
In the seemingly “nothing” seasons of life, God is always DOING things. In the moments when I am reading about what other people are doing, saying, thinking, writing, praying…I neglect to remember that God is working for my good. HE is the one who is doing things when I have NO clue. When I am twiddling my thumbs, worrying about the future, stressing about finances, wondering when I’m going to married, studying Chinese, making flashcards, walking to the grocery store, sleeping, running, making dinner for one, nothing, nothing nothing nothing, nothing, nothing, thinking about how nothing is happening, nothing, nothing, yawning, nothing…HE is DOING things. Amazing.
The God who never sleeps, is working together for my good when I am too tired, bored, lazy, irritated, unmotivated and selfish to live a life worthy of the calling that I’ve received. In the seasons that require faithfulness and steadfastness, in the seasons where everyday looks the same, they are never the same to Him. Isn’t that incredible to think about? 
I completed the School of Biblical Studies with YWAM Montana in 2004, and I will never forget a little bookmark that my school leader handed out to all of the students. The bookmark simply said this: “Be faithful to the day, because I believe in you”.
When the emotions hit the fan and the routine becomes a broken record, I’m reminded that remaining faithful is what is required of me ….and though it might not always promise excitement, His is with us and He is always doing things…and THAT is exciting!
And for the record…I recently started really liking cats! Want proof? Read this old post.

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