America, it’s been real!

So, I came across a quote this morning that I can completely identify with these days….

“A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping list”.– unknown

So, here is my “shopping list” of what I’ve been doing since my last post because I’m working on changing the world in my next post.

– After Passion I went to Montana

– My time in Montana included (but was not limited to) laughing, chatting, remembering, worshiping Jesus, catching up with old friends, drinking way to much coffee, meeting with people, tweeting, watching the pro bowl (which was a mistake but remedied by immediately watching Blue Crush 2 afterward),  not taking enough pictures, leading worship all in English (that was a nice healthy mix between awkward and fun), reading a really good book with friends, eating at 5 Guys (which was a terrible, terrible mistake), smiling, lots of smiling.

– Now I am in New Mexico which has included (but not limited to) a lot of Mexican food, precious time with my family, shopping at Trader Joes and Target, watching the Super Bowl, Cheering for the Giants, Glaring at Madonna, Watching other shows like: Extreme Couponing, Family Feud, Jeopardy, Peoples Court, The Bachelor (mistake), The Voice (totally awesome…Blake Shelton is crackin’ me up), Checked out the Lobos Pit, drank lots of coffee, laughing a ton with my bros, sis, dad and grandpa.

My time in The States is coming to an end and it is difficult to put into words, all of the emotions that I am feeling. (Okay that wasn’t meant to sound so dramatic, I promise) I have had an INCREDIBLE time visiting with family and friends and supporters…and the reason that I am able to have this wonderful time is because all of YOU who helped me get home for Christmas! I am looking forward to making one last “Project Christmas Video” when I get back to Taiwan for you who have given so graciously towards my time in The States (and for you have prayed for me, loved me and encouraged me along the way!) .

My flight leaves tomorrow afternoon. Here’s to the closing of a short season in America, and the newness that awaits in Taiwan!


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