Trendy people, Passion 2012 and Ollie…my sisters cat

Well, I’ve been in the States for about a month and so far, here are some valuable life lessons I have learned:

– Leggings are now pants (uhm…)
– If you do not have Camel boots or Toms, then you are sooo 2007
– Popular wardrobe staples include (but not limited to) V-neck T’s, a Flannel, rockstar skinny jeans, Legwarmers to go under the camel boots, a Patagonia pullover, some sort of striped shirt, and cardigans, lots and lots of cardigans
– Delta Airlines has replaced blankets with a sheet of red felt
– Cinnamon M&M’s was a bad idea
– The cupcake trend is still goin’ strong
– Apparently Valentines Day started the day after Christmas (here’s to commercialization)

And also these lessons…

– Rest is incredibly important
– Friendships are valuable
– Family is a gift
– Jesus is a great traveler and is never jet-lagged

On another note…

For those of you who follow me on facebook or twitter (and…for those of you who do not follow me on facebook or twitter…check out the right side of this post, and you can get in on all the following…I mean, because I’m sooooo interesting….),  you know that I had an incredible opportunity to be a part of Passion 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally I wanted to write an entire blog about how awesome Passion was for me, but as I began reflecting on my time in Atlanta..

I was speechless…

I began asking myself questions like:”What could I possibly blog that would explain my time in Atlanta…and do I even want to explain it? Is it even significant enough that it would deserve its only little blog?”

It is still amazing to me that in a crowd of 46,000+ people, Jesus meets with us individually and yet…corporately. I hope I never lose that fascination of the intimacy that God desires to have with each of us in a world of billions.

back to my point…

In 2007 I had the opportunity to be a part of Passion and it was an INCREDIBLE experience for me! At that time, I remember walking away feeling refreshed and encouraged.

This time around was a little different.

I went this time as a sponge and walked away (assuming sponges can walk) absolutely  full of things that I still need time to process. During my time at Passion, I began dreaming again about the future, writing songs in my head, and just taking in every single jewel that I could put my hands on (figuratively speaking, of course).

hmm, how to explain it…
My sister has a cat named Ollie. I’ve never really been a cat person, but what can I say…this cat won my heart…one purr at a time, apparently (except for the day that he licked my face and my face itched for the next hour).  So, Ollie likes those omega 3 fish oil pills…and needless to say, on occasion he will kind of “hamster” them in his mouth and take them upstairs…and then just kind of paw them around, stare at them, lick them…etc etc.

So,  I’m kind of in the “I’m hamstering and I need to paw it around” stage.

If any of you want to know why I am still pawing, you can check it out for yourself! There is a TON of content available for purchase here:

So, I’ll leave you to your beautiful Thursday evening, and I’ll just keep on pawing around…until next time.

OLLIE the cat.


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