remember that one time?

when I used to be pretty good at blogging?

because I remember…

Man, I used to be so consistent and diligent about writing on a weekly basis. I’m not quite sure what happened, but I’m willing to bet it had something to do with one or more of the following::: my Chinese was not improving so I spent more time studying, my Chinese all of a sudden became so good that I quit writing in English and only wrote in Chinese on a secret Chinese blog that no one not even my mom knows about, the stomach problem that invited itself into my system, came back for a little visit, I read other people’s blogs and they were so much better and cooler and sparkly-er than mine that I just took a little break and felt sorry for myself,  I taught for a week in the Discipleship Training School, I forgot, I didn’t forget but I didn’t make time, I forgot about blogging and became obsessed with pinning important things like my dream laundry room on pinterest

….something like that…

The good news:  I am headed back to the States for a 2 month furlough…TOMORROW MORNING! (In 8 hours!)

The really good news: I will be so jet-lagged that I will be blogging a lot

The bad news: I will be so jet-lagged that none of my blogs will make any sense

The really bad news: Starbucks Christmas Drinks…how does one resist?!


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