Talent:: Albums worth investing in.

Okay so a week or so ago, (seriously, what is it with taking a couple of vacation days that you feel as if you’ve gone into some sort of time warp and lose track of all sense of time/days…etc) I shared some music that a friend of mine wrote and sang and that my other friends filmed (as promised, I’m still going to share more of my film-making friends work…soon.) Remember this blog?

Well…. I have some more music to share. Some of you may have heard of one or all three of these bands/albums. Nevertheless, this is what I’ve been listening to lately. In fact, I’m enjoying this music so much that instead of putting into the top tab on my blog entitled “tunes”, I wanted to use and entire blog post to talk about it.

so,without further adieu…


1. Bryan and Katie Torwalt “Here on Earth”- I just discovered these guys…one word…amazing! Their lyrics are full of passion, longing, hope and truth. I do not know much about them, but what I do know is that she is from California and he is from Canada and they got married in 2009 and have been ministering together through leading worship. Also, they recently led worship for a Jesus Culture conference-y thing. Cool. Here is a link to my favorite song called “Holy Spirit” on their album entitled “Here on Earth”



2. Peter Bradley Adams. Okay I am actually not sure which album to recommend here. Honestly, I just really like this guys style. I like his approach with pairing simple melodic melodies with incredible profound, poetic lyrics. And…speaking of honesty, I wish I could say I just “stumbled upon” his music…but I actually heard one of his songs on the movie “Something Borrowed”…eek…there I said it. Here is the song I heard. It is called “The Longer I Run”


3. Brian and Jenn Johnson– A NEW Bethel CD coming out in JANUARY! I have been a fan of these guys worship music for a while and so I’m pretty excited for this release! Check out what is comin’!


So, that’s what I got for now! Like mentioned in my last blog…I got lots on mah mind:) So check back for more things, stuff and blogging this week…




One Reply to “Talent:: Albums worth investing in.”

  1. Anna, I so needed new ideas for music! SO I had never heard of Brian and Katie Torwalt and started playing the clip – and then found, “I know that one. We sing it in church.” Haha! Then I go down to Peter Bradley Adams and discovered I love that sound – researched it and found he was part of Eastmountainsouth, whom I already love! And of course, Brian and Jenn Johnson – I really should take advantage of being in Redding and make it up to Bethel again! 🙂

    Thank You. I always love your writing.



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