goodbyes:: they never get easier

Well, I definitely intentionally purposefully shamelessly absented (is that even a word? Can I even say that?)  myself from basically everything pertaining to social network-y-ness activities and/or distractions this week.  (um, yeah I just tried to read that sentence without taking a break…be warned, its kind of impossible)



My MOM came to Taiwan to visit me!!


Here’s some proof!



I have many things on my mind, so there will be blogging this week…keep checkin’ back and have a hap hap happity weekend everyone! As for me? I’ll probably continue to let my tears soak into my pillow as I stare at a hair clip/claw that my mom left on my bed frame, and remember how much fun I had this week with her and how much I will miss her and our sleepovers and adventures in Taiwan! (though the upside is…I get to see her again in about 7 weeks when I go back to the states for furlough/Christmas Vaca!!!!…HOLLER!)


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