Confessions of a Missionary

Alright, so I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be a missionary. However, in my mind I kind of associated the following words with the word “Missionary”: denim skirt, bonnet, white shoes (Keds or Reeboks), a basket for a purse, curly light brown hair, a soft spoken-ness, dirty all the time, sick, cold and sad.

I’m not sure where all of those pre-conceived notions came from (sounds more like a game of Oregon Trail minus the dysentery and hunting aspect of course)…..on the other hand…. now that I think about it, if I am completely honest, some of those words do ring a little bit of truth:) BUT not entirely. I’ll save that for another blog…

When I first began my journey in missions in 2001, my “pre-conceived notions” quickly shattered as I realized that being a missionary can actually be fun, deeply rewarding and even life-giving. That being said, sometimes… life overseas calls for moments like these…


– I listened to a country radio station on iTunes the entire summer in Taiwan
– I sometimes stay up late so that I can see the latest episode of the latest and greatest TV show (for example Amazing Race) on one of those int’l TV show watchin’ websites (ya know, because your night is my morning and my morning is your night…)
– I talk to myself in Chinese in my room…usually it involves flailing my arms…I’m not really sure why but I’m pretty sure it has helped my Language Learning…actually I’m definitely sure it’s been helpful.
– I was feeling a little homesick about a month ago, so I went to Taipei (45 min-1 hour away) and bought a People Magazine (I mean, because everyone needs to know how Ke$ha takes her coffee and how Jennifer Aniston’s new trendy haircut is influencing woman worldwide to get in on the layering because it’s a flattering cut for every woman, and we absolutely need to know the newest downy fabric softener and even give it a little sniff sniff with a fragrant little scratch and sniff sticker on the page… note the tiniest bit of sarcasm. By the way for charity’s sake, I don’t listen to Ke$ha…just so we’re clear)
– I often make myself cry by listening to Steven Curtis Chapman’s old school song “For the Sake of the Call” (I seriously love that song!)
– One time I actually found Wrigley’s 5 gum and chewed the entire pack…in one day (no exaggeration here, I promise)
– The last list of “things and stuff” I requested when asked what I would like from the States, included things like: a Fall smelling candle, Wrigley’s 5 gum (you now see the “gum problem” I had earlier), good coffee beans, magazines, seasoning packets for cooking, jello and the for the grand finale…underwear.
– One time I managed to scramble up 28 pennies to buy a head of broccoli (it was a little bit of a tight month financially) I then separated the pennies into groups of five and made little stacks on the counter and then watched as the grocer counted them all…with a full line behind me. nice:) (By the way, my broccoli dish was AMAZING that night! Email me if you want the recipe 😉

There are more confessions to come, I’m sure. I haven’t taken the time to really think through them all. If any of you have more, feel free to chime in! (this is the coin that I stacked in groups of five at the grocery store)

Stay tuned for the next blog this weekend entitled: “The Rock Talk” – featuring recent conversations I’ve had with people at The Rock about God, the Trinity, Chinese Idioms and reincarnation.


2 Replies to “Confessions of a Missionary”

  1. hmm…. my sentiments exactly. concerns about what creature comforts must be left behind, and what new treasures i may discover do tend to produce a tension in me that i am hoping to work through before i am asked to go for good. i am glad that i get to mull it over for now and pray that God works himself deep into my process so that i will just flow with the flow….. you are really, really, really (do you get the picture!?) helping me… thanks! and i hope we can connect more personally someday in the future. blessings and an early merry christmas…… haley (scott) brendle

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