Lessons on Language and Laryngitis

Ever had one of those weeks where you finally reach Friday and you think to yourself…”oh my gosh, how did this happen….and furthermore, what did I actually accomplish this week?” I suppose those weeks come occasionally, I just didn’t expect it to happen via Laryngitis.
Honestly, I never believed that Laryngitis was an actual legit virus/sickness..and even more honestly, I always thought people who claimed to have “said virus”,  were faking the whole “I have no voice..*cough cough* thing”.  BUT...Let me tell you…I was totally and completely put in my place last week and for that, I want to extend a very kind, warm-hearted apology to all those who have suffered through Laryngitis. **Standing Ovation**
Now, the thing with having no voice, is that it pretty much makes it impossible to practice language. It is also very difficult to continue language study (and all other things) with a fever and headache. So, I did what most people would probably do…I slept a LOT, ate chicken soup (to which I perfected the recipe on the third pot), sang in my head and watched re-runs of Saved By The Bell. All in all, I feel that I have learned many lessons “That one time I had laryngitis”.
..the most prominent being: You cannot fight rest because eventually, it will conquer you and possibly destroy you.
As I spent long hours seemingly willing my body into good health…(which by the way, totally does not work), I had a lot of time to just think. I thought about things like why are oranges so difficult to peel and what if I can never talk again and will I need to learn sign language and who was it that started that rumor back in 7th grade that Mark Paul Gosselaar got in a car accident and died. Suffice it to say, most of my thoughts were that of “internal processing” and it wasn’t until this moment as I am typing this blog, that I realize that it’s probably a good thing that I kept my thoughts to myself.  I did however, every now and then try to say something to my roommates but it usually came out in a voice that sounded something like a cross between a 90-year-old smoker, a mouse, and Don Vito Corleone. (Yeh, imagine that) I am definitely an external processor so I was left to my own thoughts most of the week…which is torture for me because I like to say everything out loud (yes, I’m that person…) 
So anyway..this lesson of: “You cannot fight rest because eventually, it will conquer you and possibly destroy you” came to my mind as I attempted to fight rest. I wanted to study, clean, write a blog and do other things that make me feel somewhat “normal”. BUT, rest is what I needed.
It is both a gift and a necessity. Jesus says “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you…REST”
We need rest. It is not something to feel guilty or weak about, but a gift, a treasure, and an incredible act of brilliance on God’s part.
So, today is Monday…the beginning of a new, fresh, healthy week. I haven’t had Chinese class for an entire week, so I was a little nervous about today’s class. The outcome?  It went “okay”….but I am sure had I not rested last week, it would have been much much worse. I am thankful to start this week rested and healthy. I’m excited to get the Chinese gears cranking again!
Time to start talkin’, Smith.

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