A few Taiwan Favorites

I love experiencing new things only to discover new favorites!


These are a few of my favorite things…about Taiwan!

Favorite Season: Spring because it is neither damp and icy-burr-face cold nor boiling lava hot outside
Favorite Convenient Store:  There are a few to choose from, but I’m gonna have to stick with Family Mart (most of them now have a bathroom!)
Favorite Smell: The smell of Tea Eggs (Hard Boiled eggs soaked in tea, at Family Mart), AND also Fresh Mangoes, those are nice, OR the Plumeria trees down by the MRT Station
Favorite thing to do on a lazy day: Read a good book in a coffee shop, go down to the river and people watch:)
Favorite mode of transportation: the Moto, of course (scooter)
Favorite Taiwanese Meal: This is tricky…I do enjoy something called baozi (a chinese steamed bun with vegetables inside)
Favorite Taiwanese Snack: Tea Egg (I kind of like these…one day I had them for 2 meals in a row!)
Favorite Taiwanese Drink: This is a toss-up: I’d say between passion fruit green tea and the classic bubble tea
Favorite Chinese Word: bao yuan means to complain. Literally to hug bitterness. (Who wants to do THAT?…this word always keeps me in check)
Favorite Taiwanese music: Jay Chou
Favorite/Cheapest thing to do to relax :Get my hair washed!

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