An ordinary Friday

In my last post, I mentioned that a new coffee shop opened up in my neighborhood! *cue Hallelujah Chorus*.
I am actually sitting in said coffee shop (The name of it is “The Treasure Chest”) as I type this blog.
See? Here’s me:)
Let me tell you about my day. Today I attempted to have what I just named as an “Alternative Chinese Study Day”. I decided to go to rent a Chinese movie. This adventure took about half an hour, and I walked away with a big FAIL as I returned home to realize that I actually rented a Korean drama with Chinese subtitles.
I am sure this movie is great, but at this point, my comprehension of Chinese characters is quite minimal. From what I gather, the movie has something to do with fireworks. But… not to worry, I have not lost hope (yet) I will return to that movie rental place and have success…and you better believe that I will let you know when and how that happens but until then, I’m gonna get back to my flashcards:)
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

2 Replies to “An ordinary Friday”

  1. Anna, I love to read your blog, I am from river Oaks church and I heard you speak one sunday. I am going to be partnering with you and YWAM from my business. I I will be sending you monthly tithes as my business prospers , so will you. You are in my prayers and I know you will do ell there .

    1. Gayle, it is so great to hear from you! Thank you so much for your comment! It is incredible to me that you remember me speaking at church before I left for Taiwan! I feel so blessed to have you believe in me and partner with me:) How wonderful! I look forward to meeting you during my Christmas break!. Thank you again! -anna

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