the monday top 5’s

Well…it’s Monday (in Taiwan it is Monday for only another 2 hours)

I didn’t have a completely exhausting weekend but for some reason, today I definitely felt like I was the one who “had a case of the Mondays” (Office Space, anyone…?) =D) 

So as to combat my “Monday’s”, I wanted to blog about the Top 5 things that have inspired me over the weekend, made me laugh, or challenged me to keep learning, growing, serving  and loving Jesus in Taiwan.


1. REST! Last week I along with the majority of my Language Team went down south to a town called Tainan. In Tainan we had the opportunity to run a kids youth camp for an entire week! I LOVE camp and I LOVE the junior high age. (probably because to some extent, I feel like I can close my eyes and quickly picture myself in junior high again…awkwardly standing in the school hallway, frizzy hair, braces, headgear (oh yes), a floral print jumper, white Keds and a turquoise Jansport bookbag) Nevertheless, I had an incredible time but by the end of the week, was reminded of my 28’ness. The day after I returned, I taught in the Discipleship Training School for 3 days on the topic of “Debrief and Re-entry. So, as you can see I had little time to recoup and/or rest from the long, amazing, action-packed time in Tainan. This weekend I had a lot of time to what I would say in Chinese,  休息…xiū xi…or “Rest”. I’m thankful. This is a top for sure.


2. New study place!  I feel like I am exhausting my options of places to study…UNTIL NOW! A new little coffee shop has opened up just around the corner. The owners are quickly becoming good friends and are incredibly servant hearted and generous people. It is also a great place for me to practice Chinese because their English is very minimal.


3. Relationship! (not to be confused with being “in a relationship” (insert awkward transition and pause—>here) This weekend I had some really great conversations with people about God, personal growth and development and many other things too…I am reminded on this Monday night, the importance of gratitude. I am so thankful that God has me in Taiwan with other people. It is such a gift to be able to live overseas and not have to “do it alone” Thank you Jesus!


4. My home church in NC. This weekend I made a video update for my home church (River Oaks Community Church). As I was making the video/editing the video, I was reminded of how incredibly blessed I am to have ROCC not only be totally supportive what I am doing, but so so SO committed to praying for me! I have so much thankfulness in my heart when I think about the individuals that make up the whole…yet another thing that makes me realize that maybe this Monday isn’t so “Monday’ish” after all.


5. Air Conditioner! There, I said it. Man….oh….man….THIS is a gift!!!! About a month ago, I did not have AC and it wasn’t until I had it installed, that I noticed how much I used to wake up in the middle of the night. I am so thankful to be able to have a full nights sleep  and wake up feeling rested.


So, those made it into the Tops today. There are many more, but theses are start. Now…it’s bedtime for me. The AC is on and I am ready to shuì jiào which means “sleep” in Chinese…BUT not to be confused with shuǐ jiǎo which means “dumpling” in Chinese…yeah…I’ve DEFINITELY made that mistake many, many times and let me tell you, there is nothing more humbling than going to order dinner and instead, you order sleep


So, that is for now. For one side of the world, goodnight…and for the other…good morning Monday!:) 




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