right outside my window(s)

As mentioned in my previous blog, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Nepal for 2 weeks to accompany one of my friends who had a teaching engagement. Though I had no plans to teach while in Nepal, I myself had an AMAZING time (minus the 60 hours travel time TO Nepal and the sickness on the way back FROM Nepal). I have been studying Chinese for almost 8 months now, and so to have a two-week interlude has been both life-giving and refreshing.

Okay, so moving on…..I often blog about my Chinese Language Learning “journey” and on occasion I throw in my random ramblings of life in Taiwan and the joy of walking with Jesus (like here for example). Honestly, I never quite know what to write and often times come to my blog and just start fumbling my way around a story, experience and/or thought process.

In this little tiny blog, I just want you to see 2 different views out of 2 different windows; both beautiful, both different. Interpret them as you’d like. For me, it quickly became clear to me that these two pictures signify and somehow parallel the journey of language learning.

There are days when I view my learning capability and progress “not bad” and maybe even “beautiful”…eek! BUT… far, far far from the goal. On days like this, it is as if I look out my window and think “How the heck am I supposed to get to the top of THAT mountain (mountain being: the Chinese Language). That being said, there are also days when I get a small glimpse of the ultimate goal…those are the days that I smile and sigh and say “Thank you Jesus…I know it’s far, but I know its there…somewhere above the clouds”


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