“The Voice”

So, I was recently on facebook (okay, I’m usually on facebook everyday …hopefully not too obsessively… “hopefully”) and I saw a friend of mine mention a new TV show called “The Voice”. I enjoy music and would consider it a passion of mine, so merely seeing the title peaked my interest. With stealth like ability (involving a search engine you may or may not have heard of…Google“) I found a website to watch this new show and was instantly both intrigued and excited.

What is “The Voice” about? Well, IMDB says this: “Four famous musicians search for the best voices in America and will mentor/coach these singers to become artists. America will decide which singer will be worthy of the grand prize”.

What particularly intrigued me was not necessarily the judges/coaches, though they are all in my opinion phenomenal musicians/singer/songwriters. What intrigued me was the auditions. Normally when people audition for competitions such as this one, they are judged and selected according to not only their vocal talent, but their stage presence and their….“good-looking’ness”, if you will.

However, “The Voice” is a unique show/competition because before the real talent search commences, they hold “blind auditions”.

It looks kinda like this: The 4 judges/coaches are turned around in their chairs so they cannot see who is actually pipe’n out the vox. If they like the voice, then they simply press a button and their chair swivels around…amazingly enough.  If more than one coach decides that he/she likes what they are hearing, then the person auditioning gets to pick which coach they would like to work with.

Cool, yeah?

I like the fact that the coaches cannot see the person. Moreover, I like the moment that the coaches press their button because not only is there the chair swiveling action, BUT….on their chair, light up the words… “I WANT YOU”

And well, isn’t that what everyone wants…to be wanted?

The first time I saw those words light up… when one of the coaches chairs did it’s swivel thing, my heart sank and I felt tears in my eyes beginning to form (blame it on the feeler in me if you please). All I could think about is…

“Wow…why is this moving me so emotionally…”

Some of the artists stories involve things like: “I’m too old, too normal, too young, too overweight, too shy, too this and that and..oh yeah, that other thing too”  For most of them, to Hollywood’s standard…this is an opportunity of a life time. This is a time where they are first  judged and critiqued on their talent rather than their style, hair, stage presence, killer dance moves and mic stand flipping ability. WOW…

After some thought, about the “Why am I on the verge of tears” this is what I came to:

The miracle of God loving us and choosing us in spite of our frailty, ugliness and brokenness is truly that….a miracle.

He wants us…

….and before time began, his throne swiveled around and the words

“I WANT YOU” , lit the sky on fire.


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