Where oh where…

Okay friends, name that movie….

“I am in Vancouver”….*delete delete delete*

I was stuck in a meeting, which I couldn’t get out of it, and there was no phone.

*backspace backspace backspace*

I was stuck in a meeting, which I couldn’t get out of…

The electricity went out in the building and we were trapped on the 18th floor and the telephone system blew too….

Amazingly enough.”

Answer: “You’ve Got Mail”

Excuses always seem like a great idea until eventually, you have to own up to the truthprofound, I know

So it’s been over…OVER a month since I have blogged…I don’t really have a very good excuse as to why I have not even looked at my blog…let alone thought about it…So I don’t really know what to say or offer your eyes, but I CAN share with you in list form, what has happened the past few weeks…

Valentines Day (No hot date or roses or chocolate to report about…but I DID watch a fantastic Lifetime Movie that night and bawled my eyes out until they were red and puffy…what movie you ask? “Amish Grace”

– Started a new quarter with my Intermediate English Class! I have some pretty amazing students this quarter!

– Got a bruise on my leg that lasted 3 weeks. It was NASTY. (Tripped over my computer cord…I don’t really want to talk about it because I definitely went to the doctor…hey, I was nervous and webmd’d it….bad idea people, bad idea….I was convinced I had one of 148 possible problems. However, thanks to a terrible self diagnosis, I ended up being fine. whew

– Moved into a new bedroom!!! This is such a blessing and I have LOVED being able to really make it home!

– I celebrated my 28th Birthday!! A good friend and I both turned 28 this year so we celebrated our Birthday’s by having a combined “Birthday Bowling Bash” I bowled like a 57….I’m not good at all but I loved it! I am affectionately referring to this age as “Club 28”. Why? I don’t know, it just has a certain ring to it.

– I skyped with my Mom’s 2nd Grade Class! They sang Happy Birthday to me and asked me all about Taiwan! My favorite question from one of the kids was: “So, are there farms there?” Great question for a southern boy:)

– We had a 3 day “Volunteer Training” seminar that the entire base participated in, in order to have more “volunteer training”…(hence the name of course) This seminar was primarily all in Chinese so you can imagine how I completely exhausted my “what to do when you have a lot of time” list I keep on reserve in the living room of my right brain.

– My friend Becca arrived here 3 days ago. She is going to be a student in the upcoming School of Biblical Studies! It is so great to have another good friend here. Becca was one of my housemates in Montana! (We are actually blogging together right now as I type!) Check out her blog right here.

– The Montana Discipleship Training School arrived today! One of their leaders Amy, was ALSO a housemate of mine back in Montana! How cool is that? Two great buddies are here at the same time! I am excited to have some quality time with two of my great friends.

So there’s the list, here’s the heart:

Okay first of all I have to say, I never really know how to start off a blog. I mean, do I start by saying “So I’ve been thinking…” (Which I feel COULD imply that all of you have a care about what I’ve been thinking.) OR I can start off by a question, a quote, a story, a “Dear Diary”….I don’t know…I feel awkward MOST of the time I blog, so to start a blog off, is like the cherry on top of the awkward. Cool.

Okay, back to that flawless transition from the list:
” So there’s the list, here’s the heart”

It’s been several (several meaning 3) years since I have written a song….until last week. I have felt challenged lately to really use creativity as an outlet to express and process my life/emotions etc (That sounds like, super feeler-y and girlish, but honestly, I haven’t been doing a lot of this) If you are familiar with the whole “right brain/left brain” thing, I’m totally a “right brain” girl. However studying a language, and teaching English has kind of Tarzan swung me to the other side and at the end of the day, I’d rather drop in the left brain pool of logic then hang on and swing back “home”. I have been trying to figure out how to use creativity in learning Chinese and teaching English, and it has worked quite well, but it is also so exhausting that when I do have time to just chill and process, doing something creative (such as playing guitar, writing, etc) seems like more of a chore or a punishment, than a natural, refreshing thing.

So—last week, I swung back. I wrote a song, I wrote in my journal, AND I cooked something new!! Today, I blogged. I am well on my way to the right side.

Does anyone else feel like they have swung to “the other side” (Not the dark side….just the other side:) )And if so, have you found ways to “swing back”?

Anyway…all of this bloggin’ to say, hopefully some of that right brain expression will come out on my blog…until then, thanks for reading…I’m gonna go make something, paint something or play something.


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