day in day out

My life these days consists of language learning, but I cannot say the reverse is true. (Language learning is my life) The day in and day out is totally and completely submerged in practicing, failing, mispronouncing, trying…learning. However, should I make language learning my “life”, I dare say that I would truly miss out on culture, relationships and intimacy with Jesus. I am still learning how to “balance” (for a huge lack of a better word) my life…maybe “manage” is a better word.

I am now roughly 3 months into learning Chinese. I can get around, but I can’t really “stay” where I get:) I’ve never been a “language learning student” so I am very unsure of the “regular” emotions that I should be feeling. So far they have to do with (but are not restricted to): loneliness, joy, accomplishment, fear, stupidity, embarrassment, peace, failure, and excitement. Quite a wide range of emotions, I am realizing. I assume these emotions are pretty common…I’ve just never really experienced them ALL simultaneously. Fun times.

The day in and day out looks pretty identical…everyday. But… something that has really been on my heart lately, is really understanding the value of learning the language of the culture that you are living in/serving in. I am unsure of how long I will be living in Taiwan (Originally I communicated to my church and supporters a minimum time of 3-5 years) But, who really knows…(insert thankfulness to God that HE knows!) I feel that no matter how long I stay in Taiwan, learning the language is so important in order to really invest into the amazing people here. So, in spite of the identical-ness of every single day, I sit here feeling so thankful for this opportunity to learn Chinese. In spite of the wide range of emotions that make me feel a small to medium amount of crazy, I am grateful. In spite of sometimes having romantic dates at a coffee shop with just my flashcards and a coffee, I feel blessed to have this time to learn Chinese. Regardless of whether or not I can effectively communicate to the worker at 711 that I need the medium-sized trash bags, God is worthy of every second I put into learning Chinese. Without God’s grace, help, and everlasting love, I would otherwise not have this opportunity…and for that, I am incredibly grateful.

What is the current music choice of a language learner while blogging?
Frank Sinatra (Must be because Valentines Day is tomorrow…better take my flashcards out for a coffee date)


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