Go Packers!!

Today has been so wonderful. It started at 7:30AM with a bunch of us getting together to watch the Superbowl live, in one of our Bible School classes here in Taiwan.

My brother Austin said it best when he updated his Facebook status with: “Culturally obligated to watch the Superbowl”

I love tradition and I love it when cultures collide and tradition meets different time zones. Thank you, globalization. While most people were all snuggled in their homes with all kinds of Superbowl snacks, attire and coolers of Pepsi Max (insert terrible Pepsi Max commercials here), here in Taiwan we had all sorts of breakfast snacks, coffee, sweatpants and sleepy eyes. Worth it? OH YES! And all in the name of tradition, I might add. I hope everyone had a wonderful night of celebration (for the Packers fans, of course ;))


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