Happy Chinese New Year!

Well, this week has no doubt been both THE LOUDEST and the quietest week in Taiwan. (I didn’t know that was actually possible) With fireworks and kids laughing and playing on the streets until 2 in the morning, to empty roads and shops and the muffled sound of family’s gathered together in their homes. It is celebration time people and Taiwan knows how to celebrate!  In fact, I didn’t have Chinese Language class this week because of this wonderful holiday called Chinese New Year!! (Which led me to become very self motivated and very introverted) (insert nervous smile here)

Suffice it to say, all week I have been reminded of this idea of “celebration”. I decided that in addition to my “New Year’s resolution”, I am going to make a “Chinese New Years resolution”

Alright so here it is: I want to celebrate people this year in a way that I have never done before.

Celebrate people? Yes, celebrate people (Don’t worry, not in like a weird scary way). I have a friend who is ALL about celebration. I’m pretty convinced she would celebrate the fact that I want to celebrate more (with a party that has good music and sushi). Okay so here’s what I mean: We all have weird things about us and it’s about time to celebrate the weirdness and the awkwardness…the beauty and the scarred. We are amazing human beings that a BIG and MIGHTY God created in His image. Though we have been created by an incredible God, I feel that we often allow the perception and opinion of mankind, to both dictate and define our value. Enough is enough and instead of resorting to my comfortable little comfortable-ness of comfortable, I’m  going to celebrate the little things in people this year by telling them that I actually like their weird nervous reaction when around someone of the opposite sex because I think it’s precious, and I’m going to encourage the one who is constantly frustrated because they keep tripping and falling on the street or up the stairs, and I’m definitely going to celebrate the awkwardness of meeting new people because people are a blessing and they were created in the image of Christ. There it is. Everyone has something in them that is worth celebrating.




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