This time last year…

So this time last year, I was in Taiwan. I came to visit one of our teams that we sent out from Montana, and I came with an open heart for the direction of my future. Exactly one year later, I am living here in Taiwan. Exactly one year later, roots are being planted for an undetermined amount of time and relationships are being built for a lifetime. I am excited for this new year.

Everyone seems to be bloggin’ about New Year’s resolutions or the refusal to have them. I feel like there are several things in my life (along the lines of habits, mindset and goals) that I want to either implement, change or dissolve. I realize that this time of year more or less can sometimes turn into a grocery list, where people just start listing inconsequential randomness (sometimes leaning to the side of, dare I say “unrealistic”) That being said, I think that it’s the inconsequential randomness that sometimes makes me feel a little “normal”. So, three cheers to that I’m off to start the list… šŸ™‚

Happy New Year everyone!! Expect more blogging this year but for now, I’ll leave you with a story…

Last night some friends and I decided to go see a movie last night. Before meeting my friends (we had intended to meet outside of a convenience store that is located on a busy, busy road) I went and bought a coffee because it is stupid cold outside these days (I was actually wearing 2 hoodies…who does that?) So I sat outside the convenience store waiting with my piping hot coffee in hand. They pulled up in their car and of course it had to be at that moment, that tons of cars and motos were waiting impatiently behind them. Then the honking began. (As to hurry them along?? Yeah, I’m not sure….clearly that wasn’t going to happen) So I ran across the street, in front of their car, to come to an unexpected and quick hault…What happened? Oh well let me tell you. My purse (a really cool green canvas shoulder that my friend bought me in India) got snagged on the front of the car and ripped open. It was a modern-day mugging without guns or people…just a car. Nice. So, three shades of red later I grabbed my purse and got into the car to face my friends who had seen the entire showdown. Awesome.

So, we went out for some Middle Eastern food (in Taiwan no doubt) and then headed to the movie. The movie ended quite late and my friends drove me to my apartment. I reached into my purse that now looked like it was attacked by a velociraptor and quickly realized that my keys were no longer in my “purse” (if that is what you can even call it now). Conclusion? Either, a real live velociraptor stole my keys, or they fell out of my purse somewhere on the streets of Taiwan. At this point, I’m locked out of my apartment at midnight. Long story short, I found my roommate and I got in. (Hence writing this blog) Thankfully, this is not as dramatic of a story as it could have been, and at least it was not my wallet that fell out. But I’m not gonna lie, I am still bummed about my cool purse….


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