I’m, dreaming of a SKYPE Christmas.

Now Entering Christmas Season!!!!                                                                                  Well, I personally have been in “this season” for almost a month…

(yeah, I’m one of those people!:)

So, it’s  a time for…

– Jesus. Celebrating and remembering the birth of our Savior. He truly is the very heart, center and purpose behind everything that is worth celebrating this season! It is all about HIM!                                                                                                                                                           – Family. Something that I will greatly miss this year…but I am so, SO grateful for SKYPE!

– Friends. I’m all about the multiple Christmas parties with friends! Especially when they are themed and well planned! The best parties are those that include a gift exchange game, and mandatory Christmas attire.

– Music. *Note, I am a huge fan of “Classic”/ “Old School” Christmas music. I have never been a fan of “newly done” Christmas Carols. I’ll take the old school stuff, thanks.

– Smells. Cinnamon, candles, Christmas Tree, Apple Cider (Homemade on the stove), Snow (missing that this year as well)

– Baking/Cooking. What to say about this one? Well…It’s Christmas, and there will be baking and there will be cooking! There always is…

– Colors. (*Red, Green, Silver, Gold, White) None of that blue, pink and green stuff for me:)

– Clothing Attire. I love Christmas sweatshirts, sweaters, vests…you name it, I’m in!     

– Decorations. 4 words: Deck the Halls, baby! I love decorations, and lean-to the side of “Christmas Vacation” style.

So, this not the first Christmas that I have been away from family/away from home, but it is a unique absence this year. The Christmas’s that I have missed previously, were due to either leading an outreach or going on an outreach. This year is unique because I actually live in the country that I will be celebrating Christmas in! Unlike any other year, I will not go home in February to my mom’s  “Celebrate Christmas with Anna in February”.  So, in order to “soften” the sadness (if possible) I have decided to just sit back and reflect on the joys and memories of Christmas’s past. Over the course of this week, I will be “sub-categorizing” blogs that share memories and joys of the entire Christmas season! I have so much to be thankful for and I am excited for a new Christmas experience in Taiwan this year!


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