when I let Me+You=Me

Recently, a friend and I have been talking about selfishness/pride. It has so deeply stirred my heart and I cannot get this reality off my mind. (Interesting how even the topic of selfishness can quickly become “about me”) This morning as I study Chinese, I am struck with the reality of even letting learning Chinese become something that is “all about me” for “my own personal gain”. That is really dumb (*insert “really really dumb, for real” here) My friend sent me a link to a Francis Chan message about selfishness/pride and it has greatly challenged me. Here is the link if you are interested:


And below is just some processing that I did via writing.

Deepen my heart to absorb all that You are
My capacity is shallow without the depth of your love
I want to love as You love
See as You see
Live as you Lived
On earth….as it is in Heaven

You consecrate my heart to Yours
And it is in knowing You, that I am fully known
Fully loved, fully cared for
Fully believed in, fully embraced
The fire in my heart burns for the passion in Yours
Great God, You see All
You know all and You love All
As we return to you, You have always been there
Looking at you brings healing
Touching just the hem of your gown                                            Restores broken hearts and weary laden souls

Your embrace is unlike any others
It is always about us.
Whereas my embrace seems to be my very own                                   … it is always about me
Would you empty me of me
And fill me with You
Left to myself, I’d choose myself
But God….oh how I want to choose you
How I want to want to choose you.


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