Would You Rather…

“Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved.”
– Martin Luther

“Would you rather be doing that?” He says as He points to a woman holding an advertisement sign. “Would you rather be doing that” He says as He points over to a man roasting peanuts. “Or how about that? Would you rather be doing that?” He says to me as he points to a woman in a Salon who is braiding a mannequins head of hair. He asked me all of these questions that night…gently, softly…with great love and yet with great weight. To each and every question I replied… “No…no Lord, I would not rather be doing that….and I most certainly would not rather be doing that other thing…or that….or that…” I said to Him as I looked all around. After this conversation, there was silence as I recognized yet again that there is truly nothing else I would rather be doing right now, than to be learning Chinese. This is the conversation that I had with God on my walk home from Chinese Class the other night. I left class feeling like a complete idiot…feeling like an infant could speak better Chinese than me…if not words, at least it could cry in the correct tone.

That night I realized the importance of not just “including” God in my language learning, but really honestly making HIM the center of it all. If there is nothing that I would rather be doing, and yet I neglect to recognize God as being the center of what I am doing…then….what am I doing? I was also challenged this night to really sit back and evaluate the areas in my life that I neglect to truly let God be the center. I sat there in awe of how many areas of my life I sort of just make “DIY” (Do It Yourself). In studying language for 3 weeks now, I am quickly realizing how much I need Jesus to be Lord over my study. I need Him to train me, convict me, love me, disciple me, teach me, guide me…be with me. As much as I want to be found a faithful student…More importantly,

I want to be found Faithful.

God is doing many, many incredible things here in Taiwan. More recently I have seen His power and His love captivate, inspire and challenge a couple of my new Taiwanese friends. I am so very blessed to be a part of what God is doing in this nation!

Here is a great story to end this blog:

At class the other day, my teacher pointed at the section that said “Dialogue” and told me to practice and to “Read Friendly”. So, I did as any other person would do…and thought to myself..”What does read friendly mean?!” I decided that it meant to read while smiling and read “softer”. I went home, practiced, and felt awesome and confidant. I went to class the next day excited to “read friendly” so I read the entire dialogue and she said “very good” and we moved on. At the end of class, she pointed at another paragraph of dialogue and said “Read Fluently”….my response in my head (of course) was….ohh….oops. She said fluently….not friendly…..Fail.


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