Writings of the past- Take 1

I recently have been looking through paragraphs and lines of things I have written a long time ago. Here is something that I wrote 3 years ago and came across today….I remember writing this while thinking about missionaries that have gone before us…years and years ago, and have given their lives for the sake of the Gospel.


“Heroes of the Faith”

let it be known, greatness dwells
in the weakest of soldiers
covering bombs with their helmets
rescuing strangers
and sparing enemies
recognized by a passerby who chose the other road
and remains unknown, unseen
courage and valor are the laces on their shoes
merely keeping their stance secure.

we run
to meet the ones in the mountains
miles and miles away
and we reach high
for heavens rain drops to touch earth
replenishing our withering hearts
we tire and we faint
but we love.
passion explodes in our veins
and our bleeding bodies resonate
but, we do not know suffering

but they..
they know suffering
they know the sounds of extinction
and the kiss of death
they meet the ones in the mountains, mountains
days and days away
and they reach high
for heaven on earth
their hearts are strong
they faint not
for they are love.
angels carry them in the dark
and they surrender not to the pangs of death
but to the promise of life everlasting.
living lives of honor
in the face of unpromising circumstance.
no compromise
they are the heroes of the faith.
they love when love hides in the walls of fear.
and they lay before the face of fear
and say “Life is found in death”.


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