There’s more where that came from…there usually is.

Blogging is an interesting way of writing/documenting life. You write something and if you’re lucky, someone or some”ones” out there in web world will read it. Cool. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love blogging. (never thought I would say that) I love being able to express myself through words, stories, pictures etc. Although I guess if I am honest, I was sort of hoping that my blog would be SO interesting and SO unique that it could quite possibly be the only one of “it’s kind” out there. The kind that shares funny stories of “missionary life” and the kind that is honest and open about things that are both difficult and rewarding. To my shame and yet GREAT excitement, I have come across a website that has compiled many, many blogs out there written by missionaries across the globe. I have browsed through a few of these blogs and I am humbled, encouraged, impressed and impacted by several of these people’s honesty and eloquence in their writing. If you have time, check out this website and see what I’m talkin’ about!

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