Lost in Translation

I’ve been studying Chinese for about two weeks now. A short enough amount of time for it to be okay to be delayed in my response to people, and definitely long enough to make mistakes. I haven’t had any epic mistakes as of yet, though I have had a couple. Here’s one: I was at the grocery store and the woman asked me if I would like a bag and to that, I responded “No thanks, I am”. What? No thanks, I am? Nice. It sounds like a weak attempt at a poetic remark.

My favorite story from last week is from my friend. The story goes like this. She was walking down the road and a guy was handing out fliers that were all in Chinese and as he reached out to hand one to my friend, my friend replied in Chinese “No thanks, I can’t see”. (In her mind she had meant to say: No thanks, I can’t read it) But to my friends response, the guy said: “That’s okay, we have a telephone number that you can call!” How awesome is this?! My friend basically tells this guy: No thanks, I’m blind, and so He says “It’s all good, you can call the phone number on the flier and talk to someone”. I love this story! I know there will be more, so I will share more as “more” happen!


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