I gotta ration this…

I feel like I now have a greater respect for my parents in raising four kids. I remember when my mom would go to the grocery store and come home with “new” things. With four kids, it would literally be a miracle if these sorts of novelties would last until the next school day for our lunches. It’s all in the rationing. I recently received an email from my friends in Montana asking what I would like for my “Christmas Wish List”. I love YWAM Montana! Every year they bless their “global partners” and sent out missionaries, with wonderful Christmas packages and a Christmas card! When I received this email, I sat in complete silence and intense thought as I tried to think long and hard about what I would actually “like” not simply “need”. Are you wondering what I asked for? I mean, what would one ask for while living overseas? What could someone possibly miss so greatly? Well…after a couple of days I responded to this email with the following list:

1. Colter Coffee: Colter Coffee, in Kalispell Montana is my very favorite coffee. They roast their own beans to perfection, they intricately and masterfully brew and or pull incredible shots of espresso every single time. What else could one desire while living overseas, than COLTER COFFEE BEANS! This was inevitably number 1 on my list.

2. Flavored Creamer (Cinnamon Vanilla): Yes….I hear all you coffee connoisseurs thinking “Why on earth would you want dry flavored coffee creamer?! Well..let me tell you. Because it lasts a long time and it is delicious when paired with Colter Coffee. The only downside is the humidity. It is hard to keep the creamer from becoming rock hard, but it is WELL worth the “chiseling” when it comes to Cinnamon Vanilla Creamer.

3. Alpine Touch Spice:This is more of a nostalgic thing. It is a certain spice mixture that is made in Montana…a little piece of home.

4. Brewers Yeast: For what? For Popcorn! Brewers yeast, aside from having tremendous health benefits, is truly wonderful on popcorn. Brewers Yeast on popcorn always reminds me of watching Pride and Prejudice or You’ve Got Mail with my friend Molly. Molly always puts THE perfect amount of Brewers Yeast on Popcorn. I however, always have a ridiculous amount of it left over on the bottom of the bowl and end up dumping it out. Uh, there will DEFINITELY be no “dumping out” this time. What a tragic waste that would be. Anyway, so I have not found Brewers Yeast here in Taiwan, so this one made the cut and joined my “Christmas Wish List”.

5. Stevia: Okay so if I do not use the Cinnamon Vanilla Creamer in my coffee, I like to use Stevia. Stevia is difficult and/or expensive to buy here.

So that was the list! I look at the list and think something along the lines of “WOW, it took me a couple of days to decide on this list?!” Yeh, it did. Something that I am beginning to understand more and more, is that the things in life that I truly believed at one point were, “must haves” have sort of become “don’t needs”. While it is an incredible blessing and treat to have packages sent to me here in Taiwan, each day I feel that I am appreciating what is available here and slowly becoming used to not having things that I at one time, believed were a need. So I sit here now, staring at my Christmas Package (Yes, I definitely already opened it!) thinking to myself…”I gotta ration this” I dare say I lean to the side of “Don’t touch it until December”…I just hope the creamer doesn’t get introduced to humidity or its chisel time, come December!


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