I’m in Taiwan!

I have been living in Dan Shui, Taiwan for 26 and a half hours. It really is incredible to be back. Words fail me as I try to describe the emotion and expectancy that I feel in my heart. Leaving Montana was indeed quite hard as I said goodbye to great friends, family. Yet I am convinced that a beautiful part of all of our journeys, is found in the release of comfort and the embrace of conviction. I really believe that God’s heart for the people of Taiwan is larger than I could ever possibly imagine. My prayer is that He would instill in me, a piece of His heart for every single person that I walk by. For the man who faithfully drives the trash truck at 9:00pm by my friend’s apartment. For the woman who made me an incredible coffee this morning, for the owner of the dog that I almost tripped over this afternoon, for the person who cooked my dinner and the girl who walked by me with an umbrella to block the sun…for the fisherman down by the water and for the business man on a moto that was in a hurry to get home. People are everywhere, and if people are everywhere, so is God’s heart for them.

“Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city”- Bluetree

I am incredibly blessed to live in Taiwan and also blessed that I have a few days to get adjusted before starting Chinese Language Class!! I am really looking forward to writing about this season of my life and hope that I can do it regularly! Thank you all so much for reading my blog and walking with me in this journey! Stay tuned for more writing soon:) Much love -anna


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