What to do when everyone else is doin’ it

Being in YWAM and involved in missions, my circle of close-knit friends are many of whom I serve and live with. We serve together, pray together, make up silly games on long layovers in random countries, we lead outreaches and small groups together, we talk about what God is doing in our lives, we train together, we drink delicious coffee and make fun of each other for ruining a perfectly good cup of coffee with cream, we learn to function as a community and as a family of believers…and we raise support individually but somehow…together. Together, together, together. As many of you know, I have been working on increasing my monthly support as well as my one-time support goal in order to move to Taiwan. As I have been corresponding with people and organizing my financial obligations and goals, it has come to my attention that more than a handful of people who have donated money to me, are those that serve alongside me and those that are indeed, in the very same place as me. They too, go home in the evening, check their email and their bank account to see how their support is coming along. They too, fast and pray and seek the Lord for their needs. It is so incredibly humbling that “when everyone else is doin’ it”, they aren’t just doin it but they’re givin it. I sit here with a grateful heart and a refreshed perspective on what it really means to give out of need. It seems that one’s trust must be so firm and rooted so deep in Jesus that it no longer becomes about security, but the Kingdom.


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