A Brief Synopsis

For some of you, this may be your first time to my blog. (Welcome!!) I wanted to provide a brief synopsis of what my plans are and how you can partner with me! Below is a brief run down of what the next few years will look like for me. Thank you for the taking time to read, this post and let me know if you have any questions or would like to hear more!

About Me

Hi! My name is Anna Smith. I am 27 years old and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a missionary. For the past 10 years, I have been serving at the Youth With A Mission base in Lakeside, Montana. I have been both a student and staff member of several of the missionary training schools YWAM offers in Lakeside. I am in the middle of a huge transition, as I prepare to pack the last 10 years of my life into a few suitcases and onto an airbus! I enjoy inviting others on the journey of where the Lord is taking me and would love to share my heart with you!

My Blog: annaesmith.wordpress.com

My Email: justonesong@gmail.com

The Backdrop

I have been involved in leading several mission trips to Asia. If I am honest, the reason for this is because  I feel like God has given me a huge love and heart for that specific area of the world! Every time I hear about Asia, think about Asia or go to Asia, I get excited because it is there that I discover more about God’s heart for the nations and His heart in this case, for the Taiwanese people! In leading teams to Asia the question in my mind has always been “When will it be the time for me to move here?” Over the past 2 years I have been praying about timing and it is clear to me that now is the time!

The Plan

My plan is to learn Chinese for the first 2 years and to absolutely immerse myself in the culture. There is an amazing Chinese Language School that is a part of YWAM’s ministry in Taiwan that I will be joining. During the first 2 years, aside from learning Chinese, I will teach English in order to establish relationships with the Taiwanese and share the gospel!  The city that I will be living in is a University city, so I am excited to connect with the University students whether it be teaching English, playing sports or starting a house church or a Bible study! There are so many opportunities at the YWAM base in Taiwan that align with my calling, desires and passion, and I get so excited when I think about it! Right now there are so many people in Taiwan that are becoming so very open to the message of Jesus and as I am preparing to go, I am anticipant of meeting these people and sharing the love and truth of Christ with them!

A Day in the Life of Anna Smith In Taiwan!

During the weekdays, I will have Chinese Language lessons for two hours a day. Throughout the day I will be studying the language as well as taking time to connect and build friendships with the University students. Two nights out of every week, I will be teaching English and hopefully a couple of acoustic guitar lessons at a coffee shop called “The ROCK”. The Rock is a wonderful coffee shop that the YWAM base in Taiwan started several years ago. At the Rock, students come to learn English and connect with new friends as well as old friends. The Rock is also a place to host Bible studies while enjoying a free cup of coffee! I am looking forward to having this avenue to connect with the Taiwanese people on a more personal and intentional level. On the weekends, I will be involved in a church and will also use that time to study language.

How you can help!

The thing that I love about missions, is that it is both in the sending and in the going! I consider all of my supporters, partners with me in what God has called me to do. Without the prayer and financial support of friends, family members, my church and even strangers, I otherwise would not be able to do this!

Below are a few ways that you can partner with me in this journey. I would love for you to join my support team!

  1. Prayerfully: I would love and covet your prayers! Prayer is the driving force behind me in this journey and I do not take lightly, the hearts that are committed to praying for me. It is so encouraging to know that people are lifting me up in prayer.
  2. Financially: In making the decision to move to Taiwan, I knew that it would greatly increase my monthly support needs. I am looking for people who would like to support me monthly or one time. If you are interested in joining in this avenue of my support team, here are a few specific needs.

Specific Needs financially:

Monthly: Currently, I am in need of an additional $550 per month.

One Time: I need to raise $8,500 for Chinese Language School for 2 years. Every little bit helps!

How to Contribute

  1. By Mail: You can send a check made out to YWAM Montana with a separate note indicating that the check is for Anna Smith. (YWAM Montana is going to processing all of my support finances. Please note all donations are tax-deductible)
  2. By Automatic Payment: I can email you a document to fill out, which will automatically withdrawal donations however often you would like.

Checks can be sent to:

YWAM Montana Accounting

501 Blacktail rd.

Lakeside, MT, 59922


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