an old journal entry

So sometimes it’s nice to go back and read through old journals, and sometimes it’s not so nice…maybe humorous and dumbfounding would be a more appropriate way to describe it. However, recently in one particular instance it was definitely nice. The other day I was reading through and old journal and I read these exact words…

January 18, 2008- “Lately I have been thinking that perhaps I am to move to Taiwan in September 2010”

Okay…the most mind blowing thing about this is not only is this 2 years ago, but I have had many other “ideas” and/or doubts of direction since then. I in fact completely forgot about that entry… I also since then, went through a season of completely changing directions….hence the shock and “oh my GOSH!” response after I read this entry.

This is one of these reasons that I love writing…or documenting the journey. I love looking back in whatever season of life it may be..good, bad, difficult, confusing, growing, changing….etc…and seeing what the Lord is speaking as I am writing…I felt (and still feel) so much encouragement from reading that old journal entry.


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