NC for the Summer!

It is not uncommon for one to begin a new blog entry by the infamous ” It has been a long time since I have written something”  phrase. I am just going to spare everyone the excuses as it is quite obvious that it truly has in fact, “been a long time…”. I am going to be home in North Carolina for about 7 weeks and so I hope that in this time, I will make writing a priority. As many of you know, I am currently staffing the Spring Discipleship Training School in Montana. After 3 months of Lecture Phase, the students and a few of the staff have left for the Outreach Phase of the school. (To India, Nepal and Thailand). My plan from the beginning was to, instead of leading an outreach, come home to North Carolina to connect with friends, family and my church before I move to Taiwan. Part of my being home is to raise more financial support, but aside from that, I love that I get to spend time with friends and family! Usually the only time I am able to come home is during Christmas, so I am very excited that I have nearly a whole summer to connect with people here! It really is rare that I  get to come home for such a long period of time and so it is my heart that I would make the very most of my time here in NC. Aside from the humidity, I am loving being home so far!  So, there is the intro… I look forward to writing and processing and updating you all on what life is like with 7 weeks in NC!


One Reply to “NC for the Summer!”

  1. When did you get back? I was just wondering if you had gotten back yet. Do you plan to attend the 4th of July service at West Forsyth? My husband and sons will be gone to Florida, Lord willing, but my nine year old daughter, Amari, and I will be at the service. I will also work the craft section at the Block Party which begins this coming Sunday.

    God Bless. I am thankful that you arrived here safely.

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