Some Big News!

So what’s the Big News? (Before anyone freaks out, I am not engaged, pregnant, or all of the sudden married….everyone can breathe now 🙂 )
I have been waiting to tell all of you what I feel the Lord has been speaking to me over the past couple years. It now seems that the timing is right and am excited to share with you what has been on my heart! As I look back over my time in Montana and the times I was sent out by Montana to Taiwan and Canada, I can only smile at the goodness and faithfulness of Jesus. I have seen and felt his favor, grace, healing and conviction. My time in Montana has been such a rich and fulfilling time in ministry. I have learned how to lead, how to be led, how to love, how to be loved, how to serve and how to receive. I’ve learned how to be faithful in the small areas and serve in the Kitchen, Office, Housekeeping and Hospitality departments. I have learned how to lead an outreach, how to lead a school, how to make contacts overseas and how to disciple young students who have a heart for both long-term and short-term missions. YWAM Montana has provided me with a wealth of knowledge in many areas and has trained me and discipled me into the woman that I am today. Whether the season was full of students, or it was simply a season of preparation for the students that God was sending us. I have seen growth in my life that absolutely blows me away. Again I am humbled that God would use someone like me to take His love and His word to the nations!

For a few months now, I have been praying about a new step that I feel is the direction the Lord is leading me. For some time, (ever since my first trip to Asia in 2001) I have had a heart for Asia. In my mind, it has only been a matter of “timing” until the Lord would have me there more than a 2 month outreach. This January while in Taiwan visiting one of the teams we sent out, I felt my heart again connect with my desire to serve in Asia, teaching and discipling people in the truth of the Bible. Taiwan has been on my heart ever since I lived there for 9 months, staffing the School of Biblical Studies (in 2006).

So, that being said… I am excited to share, that my plan is to move to Taiwan in August 2010!! I feel peace, as this is what I have wanted to do for a while!  This is something I have been praying about for some time and am very excited as I feel the Lord is taking me through an amazing journey of transition, preparation and change. My time in Montana has been an incredible launching pad of teaching, leading, discipleship and training and I feel that now is the time to make the move!

My Plan

My plan is learn Chinese for the first 2 years. My heart is to absolutely immerse myself in the culture. The best way to do that is to learn the language, right? SO, there is an amazing Chinese Language school/Team that YWAM offers, that I will be joining. During the first 2 years, aside from learning Chinese, I will teach English in hopes of establishing relationships with the local Taiwanese and sharing the gospel. I also hope to find time to develop more teaching material as well as continue to lead worship and hopefully use music to establish relationships as well as a springboard for ministry. There are so many opportunities at the YWAM base in Taiwan that align with my calling, desires and passion and I am excited to step out in these areas. I don’t quite know the details as to my plans after the 2 years of Chinese Language, but I am excited to lean into God’s heart and hear His voice and His heart for me. At this point, I feel in my heart that I am to make a 3-5 year minimum commitment and remain open for what the Lord might have for me/have me invest in.

From now until August

I have 5 months until I plan to move to Taiwan. For the next three months, I will staff the Spring Discipleship Training School, and when the school goes on outreach, I will go home to North Carolina for 2 months to have a time of itineration. I am excited for this time, as I hope to share the vision, passion and calling of missions in Taiwan. I am excited, nervous and expectant as I think about the transition that is coming in five months time. I am sad to leave Montana, but feel very excited and anticipate what the Lord has for me in Taiwan!

Thank you all for your love, support and friendship and I look forward to hearing from you as well as staying in contact with many of you!  I will be sending out more information as well as a newsletter to continue to share the journey with you all! I will also be sending out my support information as far as what it will look like to continue supporting me financially as well as supporting me prayerfully. Thank you, again and again for all of your encouragement and prayers. It has meant so much to me to have wonderful men and women of God,  that believe in me and continue to stand beside me in the journey and for this, I am forever grateful!

– Anna


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