Visiting the Teams

Well after my “round the world” travels, alas I am home safe and sound! (But unfortunately not without a little friend in my tummy. It seems I picked up an amoeba of sorts somewhere in my journey and so, I am in the process of ending its little parasitical life. Thankfully it is not that big of a deal and should not cause too much discomfort any longer.

I wanted to briefly share about my time in both locations of pastoral visits. I feel though, it will take a while to share of both experiences so I just wanted to give a few highlights of each place. (Things I learned, experienced, laughed at…etc)


– I was able to talk with several of the students and hear about what God is doing in their lives on outreach…it is truly inspiring! Two of the students are planning on staying in Taiwan to further on in missions and two of the students coming back for debriefing are planning on going back to Taiwan to do the School of Biblical Studies in March!

– I was able to connect with my friends and staff of the Fall DTS that are leading the team. I am so blessed to have such great staff for this school!

– Brought in the New Year on a friends rooftop with a time of worship and prayer.

– I lived in Taiwan for about 10 months a couple of years ago and so I’d like to think that I’m pretty knowledgeable of a few simple things; in this case, what to eat and what not to eat. In my attempts to impress myself and those around me I ordered soup that looked like beef no doubt. However when the bowl was brought out to me I knew immediately what I had done, given the smell. I indeed ordered Taiwan’s infamous “Stinky Tofu”. Oops. That moment alone crushed my pride and wallet as I then ordered something different.

– I had a few extra days when the team left, to pray about what the Lord would have for me next as I have felt for some time that a time of transition would be near. (I am excited to soon write and share with you all concerning what I feel like God has been speaking to me about!)

– I was able to meet with lots of friends and make new friends and hear about what God is doing at YWAM Dan Shui!! I was so very moved by what God is doing in Dan Shui and in the rest of Taiwan! It was so cool to see how much the base has changed and grown since I had been there last!


– This was my first time to the Middle East and I LOVED it!! I really do hope to discover more of Gods heart for the Middle East and see more of it in the future!

– The first day I was there, the team tricked me into wearing a head scarf/covering (More so, convinced me that we had to…long story short, I was the joke of their scheming)

– Three hours after I arrived, we went to a place called “Garbage City” ( There is so much to say about this place and I will for sure blog about it this weekend

– I had a blast doing ministry with the team in various places (Garbage City, preschools, church etc)

– Had the opportunity to see the Pyramids, Sphinx, ride a Camel, see the Egyptian Museum as well as sail the Nile on a Felucca)

– My grandfather is very close friends with Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Egypt
With North Africa & the Horn of Africa. So I had the amazing opportunity to connect with him and his wonderful family for lunch. This was such an honor to have a meal with them, and I feel so blessed to have had this special connection.

– One of the students will be staying in Egypt along with two of the staff. I love when God gives people a heart for a specific place and obedience is the response. I am excited for these guys to stay for a bit and to then hear about what Jesus is doing in Egypt!!

The teams begin their return next week! It is so hard to believe that the Discipleship Training School is almost over! The first week of February will be Debriefing Week and then slowly, everyone will depart. Out of the 54 students in this school, 7 students and 4 staff (from the Indonesia Team, the Taiwan/China Team and the Egypt Team) will staying overseas for an additional amount of time to further their ministry. I really could not be more excited. As I think about our school theme that comes from John 15 “Fruit that Lasts” I can see how the Lord is moving in the hearts and lives of both students and staff, to be people that invest deeply into the calling of God on their lives!!! Go God!


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