So, my friend Jess and I have been talking about the year 2010 for about 4 years. No joke. I am not sure what got us started on it…but since 2006 we have both individually had such great expectation for this year, as if we knew big changes would be happening this year. I am 12 hours into the year 2010 and it is both surreal and exhilarating!! I am not quite sure how to explain it but I just feel like this year is going to be such a significant year for me personally. Not that every other year before this has been a waste or flyby by ANY means, I just feel like there is something so very significant for me and the journey that the Lord has me on this year. Incidentally, Jess and I are both in Taiwan celebrating the new year together, 2010! I love the faithfulness and sovereignty of God, WOW!!

It is so bizarre to look back on my life and remember all of the crazy places that I have spent New Years Eve. Last night a group of us celebrated the coming of the New Year by eating pizza, playing a mean game of charades, and having a time of worship and prayer on a friends rooftop that overlooks Dan Shui. This time last year, I was in Thailand, the year before that, I was in the states….the year before that, I was in Thailand, the year before that, the states… It seems that every other year, I find myself in Asia for New Years. Asia has been on my heart since 2001 when I did my DTS and went on outreach to China/Hong Kong, and every time I am here I feel (as I mentioned in the blog before) an incredible amount of peace. I am so thankful to be here, so so thankful.

Happy New Year friends!! I pray that you all feel encouraged by God’s faithfulness from the years past and that as you enter this new year, you find yourself longing for Jesus more than last year. I pray that an increase of passion and longing and desire would overwhelm your hearts and that you would be so captivated by his love and affection for you. Bless you guys and may you feel His presence and pleasure over you in the journey.


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