So I stepped off the plane and instantly I felt peace. Walking the streets of Dan Shui, seeing familiar faces and places…even smelling stinky tofu…it just feels so good to be back. It is day three here in Dan Shui, Taiwan and I am wide awake (courtesy of you, jet lag). I am sitting here in the den of the DTS house listening to the sounds of Dan Shui (motorbikes, horns honking, traffic…) and Phil Wickham (not in person of course).  The MT DTS is staying at this amazing house that is close to anything and everything you probably could want. They are residing on the 5th floor so that means I am back to the land of treking up and down stairs anytime we want to go somewhere, nice.  So far, I have had such an amazing time with the team!! It is so wonderful to see their faces and see them in action here in Taiwan. It is such a God thing because for the past few weeks the team has been super busy. BUT, this week they have a bit more flexibility to pray about what God wants them to do for ministry for the day and connect with ministries that they have enjoyed being a part of thus far. Because of this, I am really enjoying spending some one on one time with them as well as having them show me the new things of Dan Shui that they enjoy. For New Years Eve,  we plan on going to Taipei 101 to see all of the fireworks…I have heard that on New Years,  it will not take the normal hour to get there but more like 5 HOURS to get to Taipei 101 because of the TONS of people that have the same idea. YIKES, but we are excited to be a part of that crazy experience!

So anyway…so much has changed here. There are so many more buildings and stores. I love it though because I remember everything. I remember every smell, I remember my favorite place to get Bubble Tea, I remember short cuts I used to take…in some ways it feels like I never left. I am excited to have a few days here after the team leaves to catch up with friends and spend time with Jesus in Taiwan.

As far as what I have been learning personally, I feel like God is teaching me a lot about conviction and walking in the fear and reverence of Him. I was talking to one of the girls on the team yesterday and we were just talking about conviction and how to actually change. We were talking about this in reference to Romans 12 and how at the end of verse 2, it says “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” in my version is says “but be transformed by God changing the way you think” So often I find myself in the same patterns of thinking and want to change in areas but am not quite sure of how. I keep thinking about changing in different areas of my life and often get stuck with just the really good idea of changing…or the really good idea of conviction. The thought that came to my mind was that conviction without action is just another really good idea. Usually, later on, I have the audacity to use that idea in a teaching or use that idea to encourage someone in their personal walk. For me, the implications of that are that I have not changed…I have not let something go or let something die in order to change. I have just let the conviction turn into a good idea. I don’t want to be someone who just stores up good ideas to pull out later. I want to be someone who walks in conviction and have the overflow of that be a person who allows God to change the way I think. So, that is just what I have been thinking about lately and have been so very challenged in.

I hope you all are well and enjoying the almost New Year!! Love you guys



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