Christmas in NC, New Years in Taiwan

Hey friends!! Merry Christmas! I am not sure if I will be online much in the next couple of days (going to be busy opening presents and watching movies and playing games and…much packing needs to happen:) ) so I just wanted to write a quick note to say I hope that everyone is having an AMAZING Christmas and I wish you all the best!! I have been so blessed to have been able to come home and enjoy Christmas with my family before I go on the traveling excursion to visit teams! I have had a wonderful time at home catching up with friends and family as well as enjoying my moms house that is decked out in all kinds of lovely Christmas decor. LOVE IT!! I have been able to rest quite a bit, read books I have been wanting to read for a while, go Christmas shopping…it has truly been a refreshing week and a half. Thank you Jesus.

On Saturday at 2:30pm, I will begin the traveling insanity! I will arrive in Taiwan on December 28th at the incredible hour of 6:00AM! I will be in Taiwan for a little over a week and then will make my way to Cairo, Egypt! Thank you all for the Christmas wishes and blessings and thanks so much for praying! I look forward to updating you guys as much as possible, and would love to hear from you all as well!

I would love for you all to meet the two teams that I will be visiting! Below are the team photos.

love you guys!!! Anna


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