Things my friends are doing

I started reading a book tonight called ” I am not but I know I AM” by Louie Giglio. (When at home, I often times find myself looking for things to do because most of my friends, if not all of them no longer live here. So, what more to do than to pick up one of the many books I find shoved in drawer, or crammed on an old bookshelf.  Both my younger brother and sister are pretty  avid readers so I am never left pageless here at home) As LG says in the first chapter,

“…the book is not about you making your story better, but about waking up to the infinitely bigger God Story happening all around you, and God’s invitation to you to join Him in it. It’s about looking up to see that there’s a story that has been going on long before you arrived on the planet and one that will go on long after you’re gone.”

I understand this book is not about “me, us, we…etc” BUT in reading it, I cannot help but think of the friends that I have that really have an incredible understanding of this truth, and in light of this revelation in their lives have made choices and steps to show the world that it is all about Jesus. I want to take some time to introduce you to these friends and encourage you to check out their websites!! It is people like this, that have spurred me on in my calling and have encouraged me to walk faithfully and obediently, no matter the cost.  Here are just a few friends that I wanted to highlight to you all today. On the right side of this page you can check out even more of my friends that are doing amazing things both in the US and overseas!!!

Esther Havens: “Esther Havens is a humanitarian documentary photographer who focuses on social-awareness campaigns with non-profits around the globe, capturing stories that transcend a person’s circumstance that reveal the strength of an individual regardless of the situation in which they find themselves. Esther has traveled extensively to over 40 countries and seeks to open hearts and minds to see the third world conditions in a way that might challenge them to make a difference. Her photographs have been displayed in various exhibits across the country. She currently resides in Austin, Texas and New York City and continues to travel on assignment.”

Russell Vannoy: “Russell Vannoy is a missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). He has been involved in Missions since 2004 when he went to India to do discipleship program and to learn about the culture. He was there for almost nine months and then found his way to Montana of all places. He did a nine month Inductive Bible study course called School of Biblical Studies. Since then he has been working with a ministry of YWAM called Titus Project. The heart of Titus Project  is to train up graduates of the Bible school in how to teach and pass on the tools of Inductive Bible study. They then send them to developing nations to train up pastors and leaders who because of persecution or lack of finances cannot get sound Biblical Teaching. Russell is currently leading Titus Project in India.”

Remember Reality: “Remember Reality is a site committed to help encourage and sustain the active follower of Christ through weekly words and testimonies from around world. The desire is that this would be a window like the one Daniel went to 3 times a day to remember and acknowledge his God in a foreign land. Whether that land for you is the the work place, a school, or a physical country, may you be reminded of the truth that we are still in Bible times…God is just as active and alive…and He is still calling us to be followers!.”

Phil Manginelli: Phil and his wife Emily are Pastors at Mill Creek Foursquare in Washington. I have known Phil personally since 2001 and have been blessed to have him come and speak in the 2 Discipleship Training Schools that I have led. Here is a little bit about Phil. “The first time I filled this out it was so filled with the things I hoped to be true that I was never really sure how true they were. I have hoped to be so many things that sometimes I forget what are dreams and what is reality. For the first time I am beginning to realize that some of my dreams are going to come true, and that is because I am beginning to see past the hopes and realize who I really am. I’m not nearly as well-rounded as I assumed myself to be, but atleast I am beginning to have a sense of clarity. And that clarity shows me that I am constantly changing, constantly emerging from one place to another. I could write something, but who knows whether it would last long enough to say that it is true of me. I know very few things that I can write that time will let remain. I love my wife. I am motivated by music to change the world. I can be lonely, but in the best kind of way. And I know that whoever I really am is not found within me, but within Jesus. He is the greatest and purest joy I have ever known.”


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