Begin Travel….now.

Well, tomorrow morning at 3:30AM I will leave for North Carolina! I am excited to be home for Christmas, as last year I spent Christmas in a village in Thailand. It was adventurous, no doubt, but there is something so very significant and beautiful about being with family on Christmas.  At home, I will have some time to reflect on this past quarter and hopefully some of that reflection will come out via writing. I have had it on my heart for some time,  to write more. There is a certain freedom that I feel when the regularity of writing becomes not just an “outlet” but an extreme unquenchable desire. There have been a few things on my heart to write, and so I hope that during my few days at home, I can steal away some time to Barnes and Noble and put the words to the keys.

So that is it for now…nothing too profound but just a quick little “Here’s what I’m doing” and “Here is what’s coming”

Love you all and will catch up soon!


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