“Blogging” and Life.

I have contemplated a lot about how exactly to blog. Setting aside completely, the absurdity of the word “blog”, I actually am convinced that if I were to be more regular in “blogging”, then perhaps I would feel more connected both in my heart and my mind with the reality of what God is doing in my life. I feel like it takes me writing things out, to truly process and understand what exactly is happening in this heart of mine.

I have struggled for some time with the idea of blogging because I never quite know how much to share. I have toyed with the idea of having a blog simply for updating my life as a young missionary, as well as having a blog for my own personal processing and writing. More recently I have come to the conclusion that I would prefer to be all inclusive of both my “personal” thoughts as well as my “updating” thoughts and schedule. It is crazy to think about this being my “job”. I have known since I was a little girl, that God has called me to be a missionary, more specifically overseas (whether it is being based out of the States and traveling a lot, or actually living overseas) It is now at 26 years old, that I am realizing exactly the implications of this “job” and this “lifestyle”…The lifestyle of traveling much, and seeing people come and go in my life. I have felt the natural flow of friendships coming and going as well as the hardships of leaving a people group or nation knowing that I may never see them again. It is my hope that in my attempt to update friends and family on my life, that I also share the deeper, more personal things about myself. I want to invite you all in (whoever wants to, of course) to my world of being a young missionary. Join me in this blog, as I wrestle through life’s natural courses of hardship, loss, joy and celebration. It is my prayer that through my writing, you not only look through the window into my heart, but that you see a bit of God’s heart as I have seen it. I want to  invite you to comment, process and dialogue with me in this journey. So, thanks for reading and I will also post some things that I have written on facebook for you all to read.
My schedule for the next couple of months:

I will be coming home to North Carolina for Christmas (December 15-December 26)
I will then be traveling to Taipei, Taiwan to visit one of the DTS teams we sent out (December 26th-Jan. 11)
Following my time in Taiwan, I will then travel to Cairo, Egypt to visit another one of our teams that we sent out from the DTS!! (January 11-January 19th)
I will be back in Montana on January 19th to start preparing for the week of debriefing for the students (February 1- February 5)
Love you guys, thanks for reading!

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